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Those back issues up to No.89 of which a stock still exists are now available from the North Weald station shop on the Epping  Ongar Railway, or by mail order from the EOR, as follows:

37                                 - £2.40

39-51, 53-57          – £2.60

58, 60-64, 66-69  – £2.80

70-77                           - £3.50

78-89                           - £4.25

Cheques payable to EORVS to be sent to Rodger Green, EORVS, Ongar Station CM5 9BN. P&P free UK, enquire for overseas rates. All enquiries to rodgergreen1865 Some issues are now running out, please email to check before sending cheque.

Backnumbers from 90 onwards available from the present publisher at £4.25 each,  P&P free UK.

Backnumbers of early issues not included above , i.e. 1-36, 38, 52, 59, 65, must be obtained from second-hand dealers.  The first few issues fetch higher prices up to £10 plus; otherwise you should not have to pay more than £5.

The Great Eastern Railway Society now offer digital (and word-searchable) copies of LRRs 1-36. To obtain these, go to, then SALES on the l/h side of the home page, then FILES EMPORIUM, where ‘LRR.DL’ should be entered in the search box. The price is £10.00. Please note that individual issues are not available, only the full set.



These are no longer available via the publisher and must be obtained direct from the manufacturers in Blackburn at £10 each. Full details will be provided in every issue from 116 onwards.





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