Back issues & Binders


Those back issues up to No.89 of which a stock still exists are now available from the North Weald station shop on the Epping  Ongar Railway, or by mail order from the EOR, as follows:

17, 32, 36, 37 – £2.40

38- 57                 – £2.60

58-69                  – £2.80

70-77                  – £3.50

78-89                  – £4.25

Cheques to EORVS to be sent to Rodger Green, EORVS, Ongar Station CM5 9BN. P&P free UK, enquire for overseas rates. All enquiries to rodgergreen1865

Backnumbers from 90 onwards available from the present publisher at £4.25 each.

Backnumbers for early issues not included above must be obtained from second-hand dealers.  The first few issues fetch higher prices up to £10 plus; otherwise you should not have to pay more than £5.



These are now available again, a new stock having been obtained from the previous manufacturer to the same specification. They are currently available at reduced prices viz one for £10 / two for £18, post free UK. Larger numbers pro rata. Posted in the manufacturer’s own specially designed packets.

Cheques to P.KAY, to 6c Park Rd Wivenhoe CO7 9NB; or by paypal to




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