The London Railway Record is a quarterly magazine in which specialist writers chronicle the history of London’s main line and underground railways. Launched by Jim Connor in October 1994, the magazine has gained a loyal following and is creating an important historical archive of articles and photographs about London railway history, particularly stations and other infrastructure.

Generally each issue contains a couple of in-depth articles, usually including maps, track diagrams and photographs; plus shorter photofeatures, current news, and reader feedback. Some colour photographs are usually included as available.

The magazine is now (since January 2017) published by Peter Kay (who has been Editor since 2012 and is also a principal author).

It is available by postal subscription and is also stocked at the London Transport Museum shop. (The Ian Allan Waterloo shop which was previously the principal stockist has now closed).

It is published in the early part of January, April, July, and October. We aim to post it in the first full week of the month but this is not always achievable: please do not contact re non-appearance before the 15th.  Information will be posted on the News page as to the anticipated/actual posting date of each issue.

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Quarterly magazine which chronicles the history of London's railways